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What drum lessons will do for you...
Get the satisfaction of learning a musical instrument and develop your musicianship.
Increased Concentration

Learning to play the drums increases your concentration and focus by strengthening the brain's grey matter.

And so much more

Greater perseverance, self-confidence, mental well being and happiness.

In studio lessons

$33 per half hour lesson, weekly

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Greater Coordination

You will learn to have all four limbs doing something different at the same time while also focusing on where you are in the song or exercise.

Exploring new sounds! Chajchas from Puru
Online lessons, using 4 cameras

$33 per half hour lesson, weekly

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Now is your time...
You want to start or continue develop your skills as a drummer. It is never too late to start.

You want the best for your child

...and to provide them with amazing learning opportunities.

Everybody deserves to have a higher quality of life and to develop a love for music.
Here to help you reach your goals...
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Like you, I want the best for you or your child's learning.
I understand how it feels to be starting something new.

JEREMY RADAWIEC has over 30 years of experience playing drums and recording. He has performed throughout North America and toured extensively in the United States. He has been on stage in Australia, Costa Rica, Peru and remote fly in communities in Northern Canada as well as most larger cities in Canada. Jeremy started performing live at a young age in the community of Brandon Manitoba for numerous events and audiences. This early introduction to playing with other musicians played a key role in developing listening skills and learning to play intuitively


Jeremy is looking forward to sharing his passion for music and working with students of all ages in the Comox Valley. 

For a free drum lesson/consultation

Let's get started...
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Schedule a free lesson/consultation


We will develop a plan for your learning


Start your weekly lessons


"My ten year old son has been learning drums with Jeremy for almost a year now, and it has been a fantastic experience for him. He genuinely looks forward to his weekly lesson, and has not lost interest at all, which is very rare for him. Jeremy has an excellent teaching personality, very understanding of my sons unique personality and learning abilities, and Jeremy has shown patience and compassion when my son struggles with new techniques, while being encouraging and supportive of his success. It has been a very positive experience in every aspect!"

Chris Hall

"Jeremy is an approachable, accommodating, and knowledgeable musician who knows how to challenge his students while keeping them engaged. My son has played drums on and off for the past 8 years and has had a few instructors over that time. Jeremy has proven himself to be of superior quality. In a short amount of time he has been able to connect with my son who is always excited to go to his lessons. Further, he leaves every lesson feeling inspired and motivated to practice and improve. He has grown faster as a musician with Jeremy then he has with any previous instructor.
I highly recommend Jeremy to anyone who is serious about advancing their experience playing drums."

Jennifer Awan

"I've been taking drum lessons with Jeremy for about four months on a weekly basis. I've noticed my drumming technique has improved greatly. The exercises and instructions are easy to follow and practice at home. I've found the lessons have been completely tailored to my goals and feel that he is the right teacher to help me achieve them. Also, the studio and the drum kit for the lessons are top notch. I would highly recommend Jeremy if you want to improve your drumming."

Ryan Horobin

Drum Lessons...
In studio lessons

$33 per half hour lesson, weekly

For more information click here

Online lessons, using 4 cameras

$33 per half hour lesson, weekly

For more information click here

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