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Online Drum Recording

Drum tracking for your project

Take your song to the next level with real drums.

Working together

Getting the sound and feel you want.

Save money

Drum recordings without the costs and time associated with finding and hiring studio space, engineer and producer.

Programmed drum parts

Add programmed drum parts to your songs.

Let's get started...

Contact me, give me the details of your song and the BMP.


Send a WAV file of your song using Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.


I will add drums.

You will receive a stereo track of the drum recording. Once you are happy with the stereo track you will then receive each track individually for you to be able to mix in with your tracks. These will be sent dry with no effects unless otherwise requested.

Some of the equipment used to record with:

-Presonus Studio One Sphere

-Presonus StudioLive StudioLive Series III 24R Digital Rack Mixer

-Presonus ioStation 24c

-Assortment of 500 series mic preamps

-Waves plugins

-Aston, Rode, Sure, AKG, and Sennheiser microphones

-Yamaha reference monitors

-Mapex drums and hardware

-Yamaha drums and hardware

-Evans drumheads

-Sabian cymbals

-Promark drumsticks

-Alesis Strike Multipad

Once we have agreed on pricing a fifty percent deposit is required before any recording takes place. Once you are happy with the stereo track and the remaining fifty percent is received then you will receive the stems of each individual mic.

Get drums recorded for your music. If you are not happy with the stereo track sent to you you can keep the track and get a full refund.

For pricing and more information hit the contact button below.

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