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Our Drum Lesson Agreements


$33 for 30 min session 

Lessons are billed monthly by adding up the number of sessions that will occur during each month, e.g., a student who receives four 30-minute lessons will be billed $132.


Here’s what you can expect from me…

I promise to treat my students and families with care and respect.

I will always give you my best.

I will always return your call or email in a timely and professional manner.

I will always be on time.

I will always listen when you have a concern, and try my best to solve the problem.

I will always be there for any student for any reason.


Student Expectations… 

Be on time to all scheduled lessons.

Do your best to schedule other appointments, keeping in mind your lessons and practice time.

Let us know if you see a way I can improve my services. If I see a way to make it happen, it will.


Other stuff you may need:

On top of tuition, possible expenses could be:

Books/sheet music



At least one or more of the following for practicing at home: 

Practice pad

Snare drum and stand

Electronic drum set

Acoustic drum set



I accept cash, and the preferred method is E-Transfer from your online banking to


Important Details Regarding Payment:

Invoices will be sent by the 20th of each month, in the month prior to the one being billed. For example, May’s invoice is sent by April 20th and is due May 1st.

Cancellations by Instructor

If I cancel for any reason, I will make it up.  If I can’t, it will be credited back to you!

Cancellation of classes/lessons due to unsafe weather will be up to the discretion of the instructor and parents/students. I will typically follow the local school district’s decision on school closure and cancellation of after school activities. Make-up notification will be sent via email.


Cancellations/Missed by Student/Parent

Students who are ten minutes or more late will be considered cancelled. Missed/cancelled lessons are still charged and a make up lesson can be offered/asked for if time is available. If 7 days notice is given then the lesson can be credited.


Cancellation of Lessons:

I'm sorry to see you go! Let me know at  Prepaid tuition is non-refundable.



Email from and will be my main forms of communication. Please add both to your address book to avoid missing email.

Parents are always welcome to stay in the waiting area within earshot of the lessons and can check in by looking in the window or opening the door being sure not to disturb the lesson and affecting the quality of instruction.


Students waiting for the previous lesson to end before they start their own lesson are encouraged to be respectful of their fellow students.

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